How Do I Turn the Camera on My Dell Laptop?

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Any models of Dell Inspiron desktops have built-in webcams embedded into the display bezel. Certain products provide an integrated camera functionality, such as Dell Webcam Central, and enable users to automatically take images and capture videos or perform settings with the camera, such as set up scenes.

If you want to use the webcam to take pictures for your business’s website or to promote it or make videos for your clients or staff, download the Webcam Central app.

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Step 1

In order to start the Dell Webcam, type “internet” into the search window, and then select All Programs on the Start menu, or on the start menu, select All Programs | Dell Webcam > To choose the web camera you wish to use, click “Expand.”

Step 2

To begin taking photos, just click “Enable the Webcam” and press the shutter button.

Step 3

Enabling the record button “Record videos”.

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