How to Connect DTH to Laptop?

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Relaxation doesn’t have to be one way. Here is one way, connecting to Live TV and watching it on your laptop without the internet. You can achieve this by connecting DTH to the laptop.

There are two significant ways: the first is by using HDMI cable, and the other is a USB TV tuner card. This post would focus on USB tuner cards. With a TV tuner card, you can access signals from your television. These tuners are becoming prevalent as people get to know their use.

The USB TV tuner allows you to free TV programs using your TV antenna which could be inside or outside.

You can achieve this by connecting your USB device to the antenna via your USB tuner. Then this linked to a USB port on your laptop.

Here are essential things you would need; AV cable, software CD, USB device, antenna, remote control, and USB wire. You can find all of these in a USB TV box. You can get anyone of your choice


  • Modifying your hardware is not needed to connect your DTH to the laptop, with USB tuner cards.
  • USB TV tuner cards enable you to the TV program of your choice to your laptop
  • A fast and economical way to record or watch live TV channels on a laptop
  • Just like a TV, you can record, fast forward, pause, or jump to things in the present video you’re watching.


  • Does not promise a high-quality experience

Steps to connect DTH in Laptop using USB TV tuner

  1. Download and install the software that is together with the USB tuner card, on your laptop. Then fix your USB tuner card into the appropriate USB port.
  2. The next step is to connect the Cable TV output wire or DTH to the USB TV tuners pin. Then turn on your DTH. If your connection is from the Cable TV, you only need to scan with a TV tuner’s software.
  3. Now, everything is set. Start searching for channels. You are ready for viewing on your laptop just like the television
  4. Just as you have done for the TV stations, scan for the FM radio and save the channels of your choice. Although, scanning does not need to be every time you connect through a USB Television tuner.
  5. Note this, if your connection is from DTH. To change channels, you need to do it from your DTH set box, not from your laptop.

There are many types of USB TV tuners existing. Get the needed information you need about the best USB Tv Tuners. You can buy your preferred tuner but be sure of its quality, durability, and reviews.

The process of setting up is not challenging, as you get connected automatically. Once everything is rightly fixed, there would be no difficulty. The TV tuner immediately accesses specific programs on your laptop like Windows Media Center.

It can also allow you to set up schedules for recording. Explore all it has to offer and enjoy the experience.

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