How To Connect Jiofi To Laptop?

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Connecting JioFi to your laptop is not rocket science. It is easy to make it happen. In this post, you will learn how to connect JioFi to a laptop using cables or wirelessly. Keep reading to get all the information you need.

There are two significant ways you can connect Jiofi to Laptop via Wi-Fi, or USB cable.

What do you need? Know the JioFi SSID and password. You can see the password and the SSID by checking right under your JioFi’s battery and in the JioFi’s box.

Before you continue, the assumption is that you have already activated your Jio services successfully on your JioFi router.

Connecting JioFi to laptop through WIFI

Before any processing can begin, insert your Jio SIM into the JioFi Router. Make sure the SIM is inserted correctly to avoid any problems during connection.

  • To start up the process, switch on your JioFi. You can switch it on by pressing the power key.
  • On your laptop screen page, go to the Wi-Fi settings. Usually, you would see this icon on the lower part, to your right, on your laptop.
  • Check for the signal strength. There are three indicators of the kind of strength your signal has. If it is green, then it is powerful. If it is blue, it is medium. Red shows that there is no signal, no SIM or something went wrong with the connection.
  • After selecting the Wi-Fi settings, different SSIDs would pop up. Click on the Jiofi SSID.
  • Next, you are to enter a user ID and password. Check above to know how to find this. Type in the valid password and credentials. Then get connected to JioFi. It is that easy!
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Connecting JioFi to Laptop through USB cable

On the other hand, you can connect using a USB cable.

  • Take your USB cable, connect one end to your router, and connect the other end to the port of your laptop’s USB.
  • Allow your laptop to connect to the JioFi. Once your laptop shows connected to the internet, you are good to go. Start browsing and enjoy your connection.

Pros of using the USB cable

  • One of the advantages of that connecting through USB cable has over the wireless connection is its speed. It is fast and more enjoyable than using the Wi-Fi method. Hence, for a better experience based on speed, you can choose to use the USB cable for your connection.

Wrap UP

In case you experience any difficulty in your connection, check for your user manual. Probably, there is something you haven’t done correctly. However, these steps assure you of a fast connection of your USB cable or Wi-Fi, to your laptop.

In this blog post, you will learn the adequate step by step guide on how to connect to JioFi. Follow through every process and enjoy your JioFi.

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