How To Connect Wireless Mouse Without Receiver?

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Let’s see. So you can’t find your receiver, and you need to use your mouse. Whatever is the reason that brought you here, you will find the answers.

First, you have to note that it is not every wireless mouse that enables connection without a receiver. There are different kinds of mice, and they have different ways they work. It could be Radio Frequency or Bluetooth or Wi-Fi.

To connect a wireless mouse without a receiver, check what sort of mouse it is. If a mouse can work with Wi-Fi, Radio-frequency, or Bluetooth, then it can work without a receiver.

Having settled that, here are different ways you can connect your wireless mouse to your laptop without a receiver.

Steps to connect windows 10 computer to wireless mouse

  • Go to Settings on your system. Click on “devices.” On the left side of the menu, look for and select “Bluetooth and other devices”. Select the + sign beside “Add Bluetooth or other devices”.
  • There would be a pop-up inside which you would see “Bluetooth”, click on it to see the “add device” features. Simply follow the instructions.
  • Accept the device pairing and read the quick-start guide of the device thoroughly. It would make a connection and it would add the necessary drivers. That’s it! So simple.

The Steps for Linux Operating System

  • Switch on your Bluetooth, from the Bluetooth panel you will find on your screen
  • Initiate your mouse’s pairing mode. Like it has been said earlier, refer to your device’s instruction guide. This guide would help you have clarity on what to do in case there is any difficulty.
  • There would be a drop-down, and you are to complete the process in 20 seconds. If it is taking more time, the whole process might not work out. So, you will get notifications that your mouse is already connected to the device.

Steps to connecting macOS Mojave operative system

  • These steps would be a little different from that of Windows 10. First, one noteworthy point is that using your device’s guide saves you a lot of stress and mistakes. Make use of it to pair your wireless mouse.
  • Go to the menu and select “Apple“. Click on “system preferences,” then find and select the “Bluetooth feature”.
  • By now, your computer’s Bluetooth feature will initiate and will be searching for devices to pair with. Find the Bluetooth for your wireless mouse, and accept the pairing.

Following the steps in this blog would help you achieve your goal. However, you can also note these few useful tips. First, make sure the distance between both the mouse and the device it is connected to is minimal. It will enable a constant connection. Also, type in the correct pin, when pairing the wireless mouse to your system. Be reminded that an adequate power supply is needed to run the whole process smoothly and successfully.


Wireless mouse is an interesting part of systems. Working without any USB cables or cords is another cool innovation of technology. You can always make your connection by making use of the tips and steps mentioned in this blog post.

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