How to format the Acer laptop?

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This can be useful if you are locked out of your laptop, you forgot your password, or your computer is corrupted with viruses. You might be having a severe problem with the computer, its performance, or something is wrong, and the only best option is to format it.

There are many reasons why you may want your laptop formatted; however, whatever the reason is, you would get a step by step guide on the best ways to format your Acer laptop.

This method can also be useful when your laptop cannot boot normally due to one reason or the other.

Best method if you are Locked out of your laptop

  • Hold down the ALT button on the left side of your keyboard, and key F10, then, press your power button.
  • Leave till your laptop boots and comes up, and you see “please wait.”
  • At this point, you can release the buttons you’ve pressed down
  • The next thing that appears on your screen is the page that you can use in restoring your laptop
  • You will see many options like “exit”, troubleshoot PC, turn off the computer, reset the computer to factory settings
  • The last on this list is what you want so click on the option on resetting your computer
  • You will see further options; choose the ones that suit you. And that’s it your computer would reset

Format through the Acer Center Care

Another method is to use the Acer Center Care if you have it installed. This method helps you to backup and then restore your Laptop settings.

  • Type in “recovery” in your search box. Click on “Acer Recovery Management”
  • Then, select Recovery Management
  • Beside reset, your PC is “Get Started.” Click on Get Started
  • On your screen, you have two options. The first is “keep my files” while the other is “Remove everything”. Click on Remove everything.
  • Then the question “Do you want to clean the drives, too?” comes up. It depends on what you want. Choose what suits you. You have the option just to remove your files or remove files and clean the drive
  • Select “Reset” before resetting you would see all the things resetting would do. Take note of them and also note that resetting would take some time.
  • Follow the remaining instructions on your screen to complete the reset.

You must have the proper instructions to follow if you want to upgrade your system after the formatting. You can also contact the necessary help from the manufacturer, Acer, for the essential information.

In summary, you can format your Acer laptop by using the Alt+F10 with the Start key method, or the Acer Care Centre.

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