How to On Keyboard Light in DELL Laptop?

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The Dell laptop comes in different models, and definitely, these models come with various features. A bit of general advice is that your user’s manual or guide should be at arm’s length. You could need it for the slightest or biggest issues. There are keyboard lights which useful for different purposes.

With the continuous inventions of laptops and the growing demand for computers, you can find these devices in a non-office setting. People can use them in a less lit room or condition.

Imagine traveling on a flight or the road at night, or having to work outdoors. Think of working in a garden in the evening, or working in bathrooms and places where light is an issue.

Most of the nights or these situations above, you would not want to stress yourself before you type or use the keyboard. The best thing is to turn on the lights. It has become expedient that laptops have lights for their keyboards to promote better working conditions in a low light situation. Apart from its aesthetics feel, these lights are part of a user’s benefit of buying the Dell laptop.

Steps to turning the keyboard light on

To turn your keyboard light on, you need to adjust the settings of your keyboard’s backlight brightness. Follow the following steps;

  1. Initialize the backlight switch of the keyboard. You can initialize by pressing keys Fn+F10. If the function key Fn lock is allowed to work, you do not need the Fn key.
  2. You can find the Fn key by the right-hand side of the “Ctrl” (control key) at the lower part of your keyboard. Seemingly, the F10 key is found on the upper side of your keyboard. It is just the first set of keys numbered F1 to F10.
  3. The first time you use this key combination in the first step mentioned above, the backlight of your keyboard is on. At this point, it is at its lowest setting.
  4. When you press the keys again, it increases and keeps increasing in brightness, the more it is pressed. It is set in such a way that the first setting is 25 percent; the next is 50 percent, followed by 75 percent and then 100 percent. So you can keep pressing the keys to adjust the brightness to your taste.
  5. Run through the key combination to keep adjusting the brightness of the keyboard. If you want to run it off, you have to keep pressing the key combination to the highest till you exhaust the available brightness it has to offer. At this point, the keyboard light can go off.

This blog post has taken you through the steps to on your keyboards light for a Dell laptop. Note that this might not apply to all laptops as the settings can change when it is a different brand. Also, the ways of adjustment are not left out. There you can use your laptop no matter the amount of light.

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