I remember clearly when I bought my first laptop before starting college, it quickly turned from an exciting task of finding a perfect laptop to a very tedious one.


Simply, because every review that I read made me confused and question my choice of laptop that I wanted.

I started Laptops4Review with a promise that with our reviews and testing work on laptops, it is guaranteed that you won’t have to look for 100 websites for finding the perfect one.

Today, before shopping we need to gather all the relevant and detailed information to avoid any confusion and fill the knowledge gap so that we can buy the best available product in your budget.

Unfortunately, we usually gather information from our friends or family’s and use their recommendations as the base to build our laptop search. Unfortunately, no two persons are the same, and hence their needs, likes/dislikes and all such things differ.

We do not sell laptops but we review them thoroughly and provide valuable insights regarding its specs, functionality, pricing, and the overall aesthetics of the laptop.

Our team comprised of editors and writers who are tech-savvy help in evaluating the latest MacBook’s, Chromebooks, Windows Notebooks, 2-in1s, and tablets. Since we aim to make your shopping simple, we constantly update our top pick lists and product buyer guides so that you can easily find the best one for yourself.

Laptops4Review tests laptops using some real world as well as synthetic parameters to see how a laptop works. Using some home-based web surfing tests, we determine the battery life, how long does it take for the laptop to transfer files, how portable the laptop is, and 15 other metrics that are the major concerns of a person looking to buy a laptop.

Even the smallest things that you might be wondering to find like putting the passwords on folders or how to supercharge your old laptop will be available on our website hence making it your one-stop solution.

While selecting the top 5 to 10 picks for you, we conduct comprehensive research from the e-commerce websites, buyer guides, and functionality tests and then create the top pick list. Hence, you can trust our reviews freely and make up your final decision since our research and analysis is very much in-depth.

So, if you are looking for a laptop and are confused as to which one to buy from the numerous options available in the market then you have landed on the right page. Laptops4Review assures you that our reviews will help you in making the best choice and will enjoy the reviews that we have done for you.

Our team wishes you all the best in finding the laptop.