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How to?

Format HP Laptop

How to Format HP Laptop in Windows 10?

Probably you have gotten to the point where there is nothing else that you can do to solve your laptop’s problem other than to reset it. Well, welcome to the right article. Before taking to this option, make sure you have counted the cost, and it is the last resort. In this post, you will…

Turn On Dell Laptop Keyboard Backlight

How to On Keyboard Light in DELL Laptop?

The Dell laptop comes in different models, and definitely, these models come with various features. A bit of general advice is that your user’s manual or guide should be at arm’s length. You could need it for the slightest or biggest issues. There are keyboard lights which useful for different purposes. With the continuous inventions…

Connect Keyboard to Laptop

How to connect a keyboard to the laptop?

We all know that every laptop comes with its own inbuilt keyboard. A number of the laptop keyboards are shorter than the standard keyboards, and some people prefer to use these standard keyboards for better productivity. The present keyboard you have might be malfunctioning. People have different reasons for connecting an external keyboard to their…