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How to?

How Do I Turn the Camera on My Dell Laptop?

How Do I Turn the Camera on My Dell Laptop?

Any models of Dell Inspiron desktops have built-in webcams embedded into the display bezel. Certain products provide an integrated camera functionality, such as Dell Webcam Central, and enable users to automatically take images and capture videos or perform settings with the camera, such as set up scenes. If you want to use the webcam to…

Function Key in HP Laptop

How to enable Function Keys on HP Laptop?

The Function (or Fn) key is utilized by HP and other PC producers of the console, (for example, PC uphold). The Fn key works subsequently as the Shift key, it should be tap and held as another key is tapped. The motivation driving the Function key is to unite two keys and properly, save space…

How to Increase WiFi Speed in Laptop?

How to increase WiFi speed in a Laptop?

Your Wi-Fi connection might be extremely drowsy for some reasons. Actual obstructions, for example, the floor, may influence interface speed and reduce the speed of Wi-Fi. The correspondence speed will likewise be impacted by the hole between the passageway and your PC and furthermore the number of different clients utilizing a particular Wi-Fi organization. The…

Remove ants from Laptop

How to Remove Ants from Laptop?

Ants are creatures that can creep into anywhere, and Laptops are not spared. You are here because you want to get rid of ants on your laptop. Probably, you want to work, and you just discovered the tiny insects moving in and out of your system. It can be frustrating. There is good news; you…

Upgrade Laptop Processor

How to Upgrade Laptop Processor?

Even humans want to move to the next level. No one loves to stay outdated. Your laptop is not excluded from upgrades too. Maybe you are tired of the processor performing slowly, and you need an upgrade. The first thing to note is that your processor is compatible with your laptop. Also, some laptops do…

Format HP Laptop

How to Format HP Laptop in Windows 10?

Probably you have gotten to the point where there is nothing else that you can do to solve your laptop’s problem other than to reset it. Well, welcome to the right article. Before taking to this option, make sure you have counted the cost, and it is the last resort. In this post, you will…

Turn On Dell Laptop Keyboard Backlight

How to On Keyboard Light in DELL Laptop?

The Dell laptop comes in different models, and definitely, these models come with various features. A bit of general advice is that your user’s manual or guide should be at arm’s length. You could need it for the slightest or biggest issues. There are keyboard lights which useful for different purposes. With the continuous inventions…

Connect Keyboard to Laptop

How to connect a keyboard to the laptop?

We all know that every laptop comes with its own inbuilt keyboard. A number of the laptop keyboards are shorter than the standard keyboards, and some people prefer to use these standard keyboards for better productivity. The present keyboard you have might be malfunctioning. People have different reasons for connecting an external keyboard to their…

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