How to Watch 3D Movies on Laptop?

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3D movies and videos are getting more and more popular recently, and it is a pleasant experience for those who have gone for it. The seeming reality of what you are watching makes it more appealing. The illusion of one feeling like what you are watching is happing around you, and you are a part of it, makes the whole experience fabulous.

Maybe you don’t want to go to the cinemas for 3D movies.  You are wondering how you can have the experience of 3D movies within the comfort of your home with your laptop, not to worry, this post will guide you.

First, you need to understand that there is no straightforward way to watch 3D on the laptop. Better still let us say it is not yet designed that you should watch 3D on your system. The cinemas use a polarized screen which is connected to a projector and sends signals and info about when to change for the right eye to get the correct polarized information. It is a system that cinemas have the most monopoly.

However, in recent times, things are evolving. Even without a 3D display, you can watch the videos with polarized glasses on your laptop screen.

There are two main 3Ds for commercial purposes.

One is the Polarized 3D

This type makes use of filters that allows only similar polarization images. It is the reason why polarized glasses are mostly found in cinemas and recent 3D movies.

The other is Anaglyph 3D

It encodes each eye’s images employing different color filters (cyan and red). You can use this glass in a typical display like Laptop, tablet, and so on.

With the above, if you desire to watch a 3D video or movie using a non-3D display on your laptop, then what you need is an anaglyph 3D glass. You would also need the necessary software to play the film.

To watch a 3D video, you have to download a 3D movie. When this video file or movie you have downloaded plays with the normal software, it shows two different images beside each other. It is also called side by side. Therefore, download and install software such as VCLC media player, KM player.


using the KM player to play a 3D movie or video is easy. The 3D button is at the bottom left of your screen. All you have to do is to click the 3D button and then put on your 3D glasses.  Then enjoy your movie.

VLC Media Player

once you open the video file, click on tools, click on “Effects And Filters” from the options. The next thing is to click on “Video Effects” and select “Advanced” from the options given. Then, in the Advanced Tab, you chose, checkmark Anaglyph 3D in the options. Now, you can put on your 3D glasses and enjoy every moment of your 3D experience.

In summary, to enjoy 3D videos on your laptop, you have to download a 3D video vile, install the appropriate app, follow the steps in this post, and use your 3D glasses.

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