How to Unlock Laptop?

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Several laptop users go through this daily. Probably you forgot your password, or someone set a password for your new password, and you don’t know it. Anything can happen anytime with our device.

Unlocking your Windows laptop is much easier than people think it is. Although in its settings it was designed to have a robust algorithm. However, you can bypass all of the difficulties to get you to unlock your laptop.

You are locked out of your device, and you need a solution, this blog post is for you. You will learn about the best ways to unlock a laptop.

Method 1: Windows Password Recovery

This method can be considered one of the efficient and best solutions to a locked windows laptop. The steps are quite simple.

The advantages of this method;

  • Without having to log in, it can make a new administrator account.
  • It supports Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10, XP, 2000, Vista
  • It can recover all the forgotten windows password very fast.


  1. Download the program on another device and run it. Click on USB as the medium
  2. Connect an unoccupied USB drive to the system. Then select “begin burning.”
  3. The burning can take a moment. When it’s done, eject your drive.
  4. The next thing is to connect that USB to your locked laptop. Then, restart your computer.
  5. Select the Boot menu, and choose the USB option using the “Arrow” keys. Click on enter for the program to load.
  6. After the program is entirely on your laptop, go to your windows operating system, then the locked account. Select “reset the password.” You can now reset your password.
  7. After this, restart your laptop, and you can fix the new password and use your system again.

Method 2: Reset the laptop to factory settings

This method is more effective if your laptop is new. However you need to answer the question, are you willing to erase all the files on your computer? That could be a hard one.


Easy access to your laptop like it is brand new


It will erase all your files


  1. Restart your system and tap F12 or DEL. Then a screen would appear on your system
  2. Select “troubleshoot.” Then click on “Reset This PC.”
  3. Next, select “Remove Everything” from the two options given.
  4. After this, your laptop will start all over and will open a new window. Here, you would see two options. One is “Only the drive where Windows is installed”, and the other is “All drive.” There is also the suggestion underneath that says “show me the list of drives that will be affected.” The options on your screen will help you see the best decision to make. At this point, the choice is yours. Choose the option that suits you best.
  5. Your laptop will be completely clean, and you will be able to access your laptop.

Every step you take towards unlocking your laptop might have its challenges and extra work, like method two above. However, you just have to give it all it takes to reaccess the system. The necessary advice to avoid this in the future remains, always keep your password where you can find it.

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