How to connect a keyboard to the laptop?

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We all know that every laptop comes with its own inbuilt keyboard. A number of the laptop keyboards are shorter than the standard keyboards, and some people prefer to use these standard keyboards for better productivity. The present keyboard you have might be malfunctioning. People have different reasons for connecting an external keyboard to their laptops, and this post will teach you how to do this step by step.

That you connected an external keyboard to your laptop does not disable the inbuilt keyboard of your laptop. However, you should not use both together as that would seem crazy.

Most of the keyboards can connect to laptops wirelessly by a small USB (Universal Serial Bus) receiver. This keyboard mostly requires no Bluetooth since what connects it to the receiver is a radio Frequency. If your keyboard requires Bluetooth, you can know this by checking the package for the symbol.

Steps to connecting the keyboard to the laptop

  1. Put in new batteries or charge your keyboard correctly before usage.
  2. For keyboards with a USB dongle, select any available USB port on your system. They are those thin rectangular slots you can find around your system. Laptops always have different ports for USB at the back, sides, or front. Make use of the most convenient port.
  3. Some keyboards allow choices between the Bluetooth and the manufacturer’s default radio settings. You might need to look for the Bluetooth symbol and move to the position.
  4. You might be prompted to install drivers, install it. The drivers might have been automatically installed, or the system might prompt you to download one once the receiver is plugged in. this depends on your keyboard. It happens when your keyboard does not use Bluetooth. Once drivers are installed, you can start using the wireless keyboard without hindrances.
  5. If you are connecting a Bluetooth keyboard, put the keyboard in pairing mode.
  6. Open the windows settings. You can do this by clicking on the start menu and locating the gear icon. Then click on “Devices” and move on to click on “Bluetooth and other devices.”
  7. Then switch on the Bluetooth if it was not on before
  8. The first option you see is “Add Bluetooth and other Devices,” click on it.
  9. Here, there are different options, choose “Bluetooth” and allow your laptop to scan for available Bluetooth devices. Your keyboard’s name would pop up. It could take a few seconds for your keyboard to show up.
  10. Click on it and follow the further instructions if there is any, to have a successful connection. Once there is complete pairing, click done or close and begin to use the wireless keyboard.

Connecting the keyboard to the laptop has been made easy in the above steps. Follow them through. Should in case the name of your keyboard did not show as your laptop was scanning, recheck your connection. Do this by turning the keyboard off and on again. Then follow the necessary steps to pair it.

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